sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

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The Reflexion Filter X from sE Electronics prevents unwanted audio ambience from contaminating your vocal tracks in untreated acoustic environments. This acoustic filter uses the same patented technology as the RF-Pro. Its lightweight body and clamp assembly makes the RF-X simple and easy to use. The RF-X is lighter than its predecessors, but still maintains durability. It features a four-layer acoustic filter design comprising the outer composite panel itself, a wool fabric layer, an air gap layer and an inner acoustic foam layer. The air gap ensures that recordings exhibit almost no sound coloration when the RF-X filter is used. The RF-X clamp assembly's lightweight design can be used on almost any microphone stand. It allows vertical mounting only, making it ideal for vocal recording.


Four-Layer Acoustic Filter Design
Prevents Unwanted Ambient Sound
Air Gaps Ensure No Sound Coloration
Lightweight yet Durable
Vertically Mounted, Ideal for Vocals
Included Microphone Stand Mounting Clamp

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Microphone Stand Mounting Clamp

Mic height N/A
Mic Boom arm lenght 41 x 31 x 20 cm
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