Waldorf Quantum

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The Waldorf Quantum 8-Voice Hybrid Polysynth combines incredible build quality with innovation and enormous sound design capabilities. This flagship synthesizer features 3 oscillators which can be toggled between 4 different synthesis methods; Wavetable, Waveform, Partical, and Resonator. The Quantum also utilises 2 dual analog filters, a digital former, 6 LFOs, multi-timbral capabilities, and an almost endless list of other incredible features. In the centre of the Quantum lies a responsive touch display. This lets you adjust certain parameters in exceptional visual detail, and provides a display for the features of your sound.

  • Nave 8-voice synthesizer with speech and spectrum functionality built in
  • Waveform and spectrum will display on the touch display like in the app
  • Three digital oscillators per voice with four freely assignable synthesis algorithms -
  • Wavetable: Classic Waldorf wavetables
  • Waveform: Traditional analog waveforms
  • Partical: Granular sampler
  • Resonator: Resonator filter bank
  • Two dual analog filters. Voice inserts, inserting into the digital voice, going out to the analog, and two OTA filters for each voice that goes back into the voice
  • Another digital former - Drive, Bit Crusher, Digital Filters etc.
  • Six envelopes - Three on the panel, and three in the menu. Envelope curves
  • Three digital effects
  • Multistage envelope
  • Glide
  • Six LFOs
  • Responsive touch display for parameter adjustment
  • Multi-timbral layering (two layers)
  • Advanced Arpeggiator
  • Two USB ports - Host device & MIDI control
  • Stereo In for sampling
  • Stereo Out
  • Auxillary Out
  • Pedal inputs
  • SD card slot
  • Classic MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Synth design guru Axel Hartmann was involved in the design of the interface

Instrukcja produktu

Typ Analog+Digital
Polifonia Polyphonic
Właściwości Sequencer, Arpeggiator, CV/gate, Oscillator
Wymiary Zewnętrzne 100.6 x 40.1 x 13.1 cm
Waga 17.8 kg