Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny

  • Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny
  • Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny
  • Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny
  • Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny
  • Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny

Roland Boutique TR-09 Automat Perkusyjny

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Opis produktu
The original Roland TR-909 provided analog kick, snare, and toms, along with 6-bit samples for hats and cymbals. This hybrid sound-generation method ensured that the '909 sounded like no other drum machine. So it's cool that Roland has brought this classic back in updated fashion for their Boutique series. The Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer is powered by Roland's cutting-edge Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, and it delivers the speaker-punishing grooves you know and love, along with modern enhancements. The TR-09 gives you exacting control over a selection of drum parameters and now lets you keep playing while switching modes. Other new features include USB audio with four separate outputs, external device control via a trigger output, and USB MIDI.

The classic TR-REC sequencer, enhanced
TR-909 aficionados will be comfortable with the classic TR-REC programming style in the TR-09, with your choice of Step or Tap write modes. You can change modes while the pattern is playing, a feat the original couldn't handle. The TR-09 sequencer boasts 16 steps, each with 16 sub-steps for fine-tuning your performances. And as with the original TR-909, you can select the Shuffle/Flam parameter using the buttons; if you require finer control, simply use the display and rotary encoder to optimize your pattern.

Modern connectivity with external gear
Roland designed the TR-09 to easily connect with your other gear. You can re-configure the main stereo mini-jack output to send a selected instrument to the right channel, and the other instruments output to the left. The mix input routes external audio through the main outs, while the trigger output lets you drive vintage analog synths like Roland's classic SH-101 or JX-3P, or contemporary gear like the company's System-500 modular series. You can sync and control other gear via standard MIDI DIN ports or USB, and even route the audio for four individual drum parts to your DAW via the TR-09's USB port, which functions as a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface

  • Ultra-compact re-creation of Roland's classic TR-909 drum machine

  • Delivers the iconic sound and user experience of the original

  • Offers hands-on control over many parameters, including tune, level, and decay

  • Program using classic Step and Tap write modes

  • Sequences can continue playing while switching between write and play modes

  • 4 separate outputs via USB audio

  • Trigger output for lets you control external instruments that have a trigger input

  • Robust construction with metal front panel

  • Highly portable for music making on the go

  • USB bus-powered or with 4 AA batteries

  • 24-bit/96kHz stereo In/Out USB audio interface

  • Built-in powered mini speaker for instant gratification

  • Compatible with optional Roland K-25m Keyboard unit

Wymiary (cm) 30.8 x 13.0 x 5.1
Waga (kg) 0.98
Typ Digital
Polyphony Monophonic
Właściwości Sequencer, CV/gate, Oscillator
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O marce
RolandAutoryzowany dealer

Roland - japoński producent znany z instrumentów elektronicznych i sprzętu muzycznego. Firma została założona 18 kwietnia 1972 roku w Osace przez Ikutaro Kakehashi. Początki firmy Roland sięgają jednak 1960 roku i dlatego firma należy do jednej z najbardziej dojrzałych firm na rynku producentów instrumentów elektronicznych. W latach 1970-1980 sprzedaż syntezatorów tej firmy była wręcz ogromna, współcześnie muzycy na nowo odkrywają firmę Roland.

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