Pioneer DJM-S9 Mikser DJ

  • Pioneer DJM-S9 Mikser DJ
  • Pioneer DJM-S9 Mikser DJ
  • Pioneer DJM-S9 Mikser DJ

Pioneer DJM-S9 Mikser DJ

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The Pioneer DJM-S9 is a two channel Serato DJ mixer that comes with a plethora of hands-on control and two premium soundcards to provide the perfect performance mixer.

Built For Battle
Pioneer's DJM-S9 has been built to professional standards, with robust and durable components able to withstand the demands of any DJ environment. At the centre of the mixer is a professional Magvel crossfader that offers fully adjustable and reliable performance. It's instant response and optional resistance levels provide reassuring operation, while fully adjustable fader curves guarantee that no matter who is using the mixer and in what style, they will get a level of performance they trust.

The Pioneer DJM-S9 has two USB audio interfaces and an input switcher located on the top of the mixer for effortless exchanging between DJ’s during set transitions. As to be expected from the leading brand in DJ equipment, the quality of the integrated sound-cards are of a professional standard, providing faultless audio reproduction into any playback set-up. On-board clip displays will show when levels are too hot, whilst a peak limiter will control the master output to eradicate distortion and help to maintain the best level of audio playback.

Perfect Performance
Packed with performance enhancing features the Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ mixer has eight premium back-lit colour performance pads per channel, providing control over Serato DJ features, such as looping, hot-cues, slicer and roll effects. Alternatively, these pads can be custom mapped over the myriad of other features that live within the software. Users are spoiled with 12 FX buttons, which are split between Serato effects and the 15 built-in FX hosted on the mixer, this level of versatility means even those who are not using software can still effect and customise their performance. Some of the on-board effects include time synced Reverb, Delay, Echo and phaser whilst Serato DJ currently offers over 50 different effects provided by the lauded iZotope software stable. Each channel also has dedicated filter FX and there is also a release FX lever that can briefly trigger lock on or exit effect chains rapidly.

Two-channel Serato DJ mixer
Magvel Pro Fader
Adjustable crossfader resistance, curve and reverse
16 Coloured back-lit and configurable performance pads
Eight internal FX buttons (switchable across two banks)
Eight dedicated Serato FX buttons (switchable across two banks)
15 on-board FX
Control over 55 Derato DJ FX
Filter FX on each Channel
Release FX lever (as found on RMX hardware)
Two premium USB sound-cards with input switcher
High quality MIC input with Echo FX
Clip displays
Peak limiter on master output
Built-in 3-band isolator (+6 dB to -∞dB)
Fully MIDI compatible
Adjustable brightness
Portable design
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Power Cable
USB Cable
Control CD
Control Vinyl
EQ Range 20 - 20 000
Inputs CD/Line x 2(RCA), Phone x 2 (RCA)
Outputs Master Out x 2 (RCA x 1, XLR x 1)
Crossfader Magvel Pro Fader
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Pioneer DJAutoryzowany dealer

Pioneer DJ w świecie Dj-ów zyskał na popularności dzięki mikserom z serii DJM, a także dzięki odtwarzaczom CD z serii CDJ. Na przestrzeni lat Pioneer opracował szereg dodatkowych produktów niezbędnych w pracy Dj-a – słuchawki, głośniki monitorujące, kontrolery. Firma ta zawsze gwarantuje wysoką jakość i można stwierdzić, ze jej produkty są najlepsze z najlepszych.

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