Ortofon Concorde DJ S Wkładka

  • Ortofon Concorde DJ S Wkładka
  • Ortofon Concorde DJ S Wkładka

Ortofon Concorde DJ S Wkładka

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The Ortofon DJ S DJ Cartridge features a low wear stylus design, the DJ provides excellent groove handling, even with less weight applied than is required by other cartridges. The DJ series has been known to many as the jack of all trades, with improved tracking, alongside of accurate sound reproduction.

The DJ series of cartridges are great for any style of music, and has been a favored choice of DJs around the world.

The Ortofon DJ cartridges offer a clear visible cantilever with a red stylus point, which makes it easier to locate the stylus in the groove. This robust cartridge has been provided with a special telescopic cantilever construction consisting of a double tube design where the diameter of the outer tube at the same time has been raised from 0.7 to 0.8 mm. The Ortophon DJ models expose the highest output compared to any other makes.

Stylus type - Spherical
Cartridge colour, body/stylus - Blue/Blue
cartridge, two stylii & brush in metal case
Unique headshell has a large cutout for improved stylus visibility
Spherical stylus is perfect for tough handling and scratching.
Scratching and back-cueing impose heavy mechanical stress on the cantilever and its rubber bearing. Therefore, the Ortofon disco cartridges are equipped with cantilevers made from aluminium tube with increased wall thickness.
Special attention has also been paid to the attachment of the bearing and the design of the bearing itself. This means that rough treatment will neither damage the cartridge nor degrade its stability.
Frequency Response (Hz) 20-20000
Output @ 1kHz 1000Hz, 5cm/sec: 6 mV
Channel Separation @ 1kHz 23
Channel Balance @ 1kHz 2
Tracking Force 3,0 g (30 mN)
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Ortofon – duński producent sprzętu audio. Po upływie lat i sprzedaży około 500.000 kartridży firma ta jest największym ich producentem na świecie. Co ciekawe, jedna trzecia kartridży Ortofon jest kupowana przez DJ-ów, a pozostałą część kupują audiofile i zwykli użytkownicy.

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