Moog Subsequent 25

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A synthesizer for the road and the studio. The Moog Subsequent 25 Analog Synthesizer is a two-note paraphonic synthesizer combining Moog's distinct quality with a modern workflow. The result is a compact sound-design machine, with a 25-key keyboard for ultimate control and rich sonic capabilities.

Dive straight in with a range of sounds
Enjoy the tones of the Subsequent 25 thanks to the finely tuned preset patches offering sounds for a range of musical styles. From there, utilise the knob-per-function front panel to create sounds unique to you. The Subsequent 25 makes it easy to design a full library of signature analog sounds, then edit and save an infinite number of these with the Editor/Librarian software.

Analog sound engine
Enjoy the full analog potential of the Subsequent 25 by cranking up the bass with all three oscillators in ‘Unison Mode’. Alternatively, the Subsequent 25 features a new ‘Duo Mode’, allowing you to split oscillators 1 and 2, providing new sound creating potential by playing two different notes simultaneously. The Subsequent 25’s analog sound engine can be triggered in multiple ways; integrate with other voltage-controlled analog gear via four onboard CV inputs; interact with your DAW using DIN and USB MIDI or go fully standalone with the 25 note keybed.

Filter section
The analog filter section contains a transformative multidrive circuit which combines OTA distortion and FET drive, contributing to the Subsequent 25’s powerful sound. By combining the multidrive circuit creatively with the mixer section and ladder filter, the Subsequent 25 can achieve a wide range of classic and modern tones.

Analog sound with modern features
The Subsequent 25 successfully balances rich analog sound with modern digital workflows, connecting seamlessly with DAW environments and full MIDI implementation. This can be used for full MIDI automation and recall of all front-panel and under-the-hood synth parameters. This provides instant access to previously created patches in live environments.

Designed for portability
The Subsequent 25 packs a range of features into a compact design, ideal for performers on the road. The Subsequent 25, Moog’s most agile full-size synthesizer, is equally at home in a studio and ideal for those short on space. This is achieved whilst still retaining the quality bass, percussion and harmonic-rich tones synonymous with Moog products.

  • Twice the headroom of the predecessor for access to a new range of classic clean tones in mono and duo modes
  • Reshaped gain staging in the Ladder Filter to boost harmonic saturation and analog compression, resulting in an overall richer low end
  • Re-tuned multidrive circuit that extends well beyond the original grit and growl of the Sub Phatty
  • Upgraded keybed for improved playability
  • High-powered headphone amplifier strong enough to drive the most demanding headphones
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  • Moog Subsequent 25
  • Power Cable
Typ Analog
Polifonia Monophonic, Paraphonic
Właściwości Oscillator
Wymiary Zewnętrzne 17.15 x 51.44 x 37.47 cm
Waga 7.3 kg