KRK 8S2 Subwoofer Studyjny

  • KRK 8S2 Subwoofer Studyjny
  • KRK 8S2 Subwoofer Studyjny

KRK 8S2 Subwoofer Studyjny

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The KRK 8S2 Active Subwoofer is the perfect complement to any KRK studio monitor, enhancing their natural power while building upon KRK's legacy for sonic accuracy. The new 8S2 features a custom-voiced 8'' glass aramid woofer which combines with the Class-D amplifier to deliver tight, defined bass and improved transient responses. The curved enclosure design has a front-firing bass port which allows for flexible positioning within your existing setup. Whether you're mixing in a 2.1 or 5.1 surround environment or simply need to upgrade the low-frequency extension of your existing monitors, the KRK 8S2 Subwoofer provides the detail and accuracy required for creating a rich, vivid, professional mix.

Variable Crossover
The variable crossover control allows you to adjust the subwoofer's performance to ensure it seamlessly integrates with any sized nearfield monitor, delivering a smooth and accurate transition at any crossover-frequency.

Flexible Positioning
The KRK 8S2 is designed for use in professional studios and includes features such as the front-firing bass port and limited high-frequency, which allows for flexible placement when used alongside any other studio monitors. Even if you position the subwoofer off-center and move your ear off-axis, the KRK 8S2 retains the original sound character and performance.

Bypass Footswitch Control
The 8S2 is equipped with an innovative bypass function that bypasses the entire subwoofer and delivers full-range audio directly to your monitors. Ideal for editing and tracking, simply connect any 1/4'' latching footswitch.
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KRK jest znana z doskonałych głośników monitorujących, a są one potrzebne do pracy w każdym studio nagraniowym. Klasyczny model RP8 G2 można znaleźć w prawie każdym studio nagraniowym. KRK bardzo chętnie kontaktuje się ze swoimi klientami i stara się spełniać wszystkie ich marzenia.

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