Korg Kaossilator Pro+

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The Kaossilator Pro+ from Korg is a performance interface that features an XY touch pad and four loop record buttons that can be set up for loop recording of four measures (16 beats) each. The controller allows the user to play musical melodies and phrases by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the touchpad. Horizontal motions on the touchpad control the pitch, while vertical motions control the tone, including filter cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth. Each of the four loop banks can be muted or un-muted, its volume adjusted, and its loop length changed, and the four banks can be combined for virtually infinite performance possibilities.

The intuitive design of the touchpad is particularly appealing to non-keyboard players, although performances can be created on the controller that could not be produced on a conventional keyboard instrument. Key and Scale features ensure that notes being played will match the song being performed. The Key setting specifies the root along with a choice of thirty-five scales encompassing chromatic, major pentatonic, and minor blues, as well as others such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga. By using both the Key and Scale settings perfect solos can be played without a single wrong note. The Note Range allows for specifying the range of playable pitches.

A total of 250 sound programs (including drum programs) cover a wide range of styles including hip-hop, chiptune, house, dubstep, new disco, electro, reggaeton, and drum 'n' bass. Built-in gate arpeggiator patterns can automatically generate phrases and beats by simply moving a finger across the touchpad, while using the slider changes the gate time and gate speed in real time. The pad LEDs light up along the path of the finger, useful when playing on a dimly lit stage. MIDI In/Out jacks and a USB port make it easy to control external MIDI devices. 

Loop data and user settings such as programs can be stored on an optional SD/SDHC card. A downloadable Kaossilator Pro+ Editor provides librarian functionality for any loop data as well as functioning as a MIDI assignment editor. Finally, data is interchangeable between the Kaossilator Pro+ and the Kaossilator 2, sharing BPM and other settings.

  • Freely playable synthesizer
  • Simply touch the touchpad to play notes and manipulate sounds in real-time
  • 250 sound programs (including drum programs) cover a wide range of styles
  • Loop Recording function allows intuitive performance and recording, with four infinitely stackable loop banks available
  • Scale/Key settings make it easy for anyone to perform with no wrong notes
  • Note Range function allows for specifying the horizontal pitch range of the touchpad
  • Gate Arpeggiator function provides easy control of phrases with the slider
  • Line inputs and a microphone input allow for recording external audio sources to add audio from any external device, or a vocal to any loop phrase
  • Pad LEDs ensure excellent visibility even in the dark
  • USB MIDI allows use as a powerful MIDI controller
  • Store recorded loop data and even externally made WAV files on an SD/SDHC card
  • Dedicated editor software for centralized management of sample data and settings

Freely Playable Synthesizer
XY Touchpad
Play Notes/Manipulate Sound in Real-Time
4 Infinitely Stackable Loop Banks
250 Sounds
Choice of 35 Scales
Gate Arpeggiator
Mac OS X
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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External Power Supply
Protective Sheet for Touch Pad

Typ Analog+Digital
Polifonia Polyphonic
Właściwości Sequencer, Vocoder, Oscillator
Wymiary Zewnętrzne 22.6 x 21 x 4.9 cm
Waga 1.3 kg
Przykłady audio