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The iRig PRO Universal Audio and MIDI Interface for iOS and Mac from IK Multimedia allows you to record audio and MIDI data from external instruments, microphones, and 5-pin DIN MIDI controllers to your Mac or compatible iOS device. It features a single combination XLR/TS input and preamp that is capable of providing 48-volt phantom power to condenser mics. Once your audio source is connected, it can be recorded to your Mac or iOS device in up to 24-bit/48kHz quality.

In addition to audio, the iRig PRO can connect to MIDI gear with the included 5-pin DIN to 2.5mm cable, allowing you to use it as a MIDI interface. IK Multimedia also includes a USB cable, 30-pin iOS cable, and Lightning cable, providing connectivity out of the box regardless of your device. It is powered by the included 9-volt battery or via USB bus power if connected to your Mac.

Input Control
IK Multimedia included a control feature on iRig PRO - an input gain control knob. This lets you dial in just the right amount of input gain to give your sounds and tones just the right amount of sparkle, thump and headroom

48 Volt Phantom Power
Studio condenser microphones require 48 volts of external power to function. With iRig PRO, you can plug your condenser mic in, flip the phantom power switch and record until your heart's content. You don't need to purchase 48 volts worth of batteries; a simple standard (and included) 9 volt will work just fine for this

The iRig PRO also functions as a plug-and-play MIDI interface. Use the included 5-pin DIN MIDI cable to connect any MIDI keyboard or other controller to your iOS device or Mac and play virtual instruments or change parameters in Core-MIDI-compatible apps and software

Included Software
For Mac: AmpliTube Metal, T-RackS CS Classic mastering suite, SampleTank XT sound workstation
For iOS: AmpliTube FREE for iOS, SampleTank FREE, iGrand Piano FREE

Additional Features
Balanced input for a mic, line-level, or Hi-Z source, via XLR/TS combo jack connector
Preamp gain control
Low noise mic and instrument preamp
MIDI IN, compatible with iRig MIDI cables
48V phantom power provided by included 9V battery
Powered by mobile device or USB when plugged into Mac
30-pin, Lightning, USB, and MIDI cables included


Audio & MIDI Interface
For Macs & iOS Devices
Combo XLR/TS Audio Input
Connect 5-Pin MIDI Devices
Records up to 24-Bit/48kHz Audio
48V Phantom Power
Includes Lightning & 30-Pin iOS Cables

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iOS Lightning Cable
iOS 30-Pin Cable
USB Cable
2.5mm to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Cable
9 Volt Battery

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