Denon MCX8000 Kontroler DJ

  • Denon MCX8000 Kontroler DJ
  • Denon MCX8000 Kontroler DJ
  • Denon MCX8000 Kontroler DJ

Denon MCX8000 Kontroler DJ

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Denon MCX8000 digital DJ controller provides you with everything you need to perform with Serato DJ and not look like you're checking your email. Onboard, you'll find enough hands-on controls to master every section of Serato DJ, plus a pair of high-definition displays that provide you with the critical information you'd otherwise find on your laptop's display. Other features that make it easy for DJs to recommend the MCX8000 to club owners include its robust all-metal design, Serato DVS compatibility, and Ethernet-based lighting and video control capabilities.


  • A powerful, club-ready DJ controller that's ideal for Serato DJ (included)

  • Comprehensive hands-on control layout complements Serato DJ perfectly

  • Dual high-res displays make navigation and operation of Serato DJ clear

  • 3 built-in effects and dual mic inputs provide additional performance flexibility

  • Ethernet connection accommodates professional video and lighting systems

  • All-metal chassis can easily stand up to regular club use - ideal for installations

Co się znajduje w paczce?
Serato DJ software
User manual
Minimalne wymagania (PC) Windows 8 or higher
Minimalne wymagania (Mac) Mac OS X 10.8 or higher
Manufacturer's website
O marce
Denon DJAutoryzowany dealer

Denon DJ run first not only in the field of technology, but also design - company never stops surprising with its high quality and reliability. You can choose not only traditional popular CD players and mixers - Denon DJ now offers great selection of controllers. Solid brand guarantees you'll get the best for what you pay.

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